Coronavirus QLD Stimulus Package 2020

Camphin Boston | March 2020

On 17 March 2020, the QLD government announced a suite of initiatives to support businesses and industries impacted by COVID-19 in its State. These measures include:

Low interest loans of up to $250,000 with an initial 12-month interest free period, will be available for businesses to retain employees and operations. $500 million
Deferral of payroll tax returns lodgement and payment until 3 August 2020. To be eligible, the employer (or a group of employers) must:
  (i)  Pay $6.5 million or less in Australian taxable          wages; and
  (ii) Have current turnover, profit, customers,                bookings, retail sales, supply contracts or              other factors directly or indirectly affected            by COVID-19, compared with normal                        operating conditions.
Support for commercial finish industry:
  -  Market diversification and resilience grants           of up to $50,000 for fishery industry to                     support activities such as market evaluation,       market visits, training, new process                           equipment (e.g. cryovac machines) and boot       modifications to meet new market                           requirements.
 -  Extending the catch area for tropical rock               lobster for 3 months to reduce operating               costs for quota holders and enable                           alternative markets to be developed.
 -  Temporary waiver of fishing boat licence fees       and quota fees for tropical rock lobster and         coral trout (for first 6 months of 2020).
$3.66 million
Support for exporters:
 -  ‘Market Ready’ initiative will provide tailored         export advice to SMEs on leveraging                         opportunities in the Chinese online market,         market intelligence to support brand                       development, expert advice for exporters             entering new markets, and host China                     market development forums.
$1.1 million
Fees and charges relief for tourism operators and hospitality providers including:
 -  Waiver of fees for liquor licensees to change         trading hours or a licensed area, from 1                 February to 31 July 2020.
 -  Waiver of annual renewal fees for                              Queensland registered inbound tour                        operators which fall due between 1 February      and 31 July 2020.
 -  Waiver of daily site fees for commercial tour        operators in Queensland parks and wildlife          service-managed areas between 1 February        to 31 July 2020.
 -  Deferral of land rent payable between 1                February and 31 July 2020 by tourism lease          and licence holders to 1 January 2021.
 -  Rebate on marina charges and passenger             levies.

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