Camphin Boston stands by its clients. But standing by clients doesn’t mean standing still. Our team is constantly in motion, using their collective experience to help steer your business through its highs and lows. Cultivating the ideas that drive success, even in the face of complicated changes, is a big part of everything we do.

Let's talk about Business Advisory

  • I would like to include key employees in the ownership of my business. Can you tell me how employee share schemes work?

    Yes! We can show how to establish effective employee share plans and performance trusts from a business, corporate compliance and tax perspective.

  • I would like to sell my business in five years and retire. Can you assist with succession planning?

    The decision to retire can be an emotional one. That’s why it’s important to have a plan in place that will smoothly transition your business to the next generation or prepare it for a market sale. We can also advise on ways to access small business CGT concessions so that this kind of sale is tax effective and in many cases, even tax free.

  • My business has grown, but my accounting process and internal controls have not grown with it. Can you help?

    Too often, business growth is the result of an owner working harder rather than implementing systems that allow the workload to be evenly shared by others. We are able to conduct performance reviews that supercharge your back office systems and ensure accounting processes and internal controls that grow with your business.

  • My management accounts are stating that I am making a profit, so why is cash flow so difficult to manage?

    We’ll review your working capital cycle and application of funds to find out where your cash is going and offer suggestions on how to free up cash flow.