With decades of valuation experience under our belts, Camphin Boston can provide helpful and reliable advice on valuations for income tax, share capital, business restructuring, purchase/sale transactions and intangibles that will maximise the value of your business.

Let's talk about Valuations

  • What approaches can be taken to valuing a business?

    Depending on a range of factors, valuers can use either an earnings, comparable market transaction, cost or future maintainable earnings approach to valuing a business. Sources of reliable data, position of the business in its life cycle, future opportunities and threats all play a part in deciding which approach to adopt. Crosschecks are always encouraged to verify the valuer’s initial opinion.

  • When would I need to have a valuation conducted?

    You’ll need to have a valuation conducted in order to calculate capital gains tax liabilities, negotiate the sale of a business, undertake succession planning, navigate a family breakdown or for lending purposes.

  • How can I increase the value of my business?

    The key to maximising the value you receive for your business is to commence planning for the succession or sale process early, typically 3 to 5 years before the transaction. Every business has its own associated risks and key drivers. Our business advisory team can help you to identify these risks and drivers, develop a program to get your business ready for sale and guide you during the sale transaction process.