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Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.

Albert Einstein

Emily Bills Website Board 2019

Emily Bills


Beginning my cadetship at Camphin Boston after completing only one semester of my Bachelor of Commerce at Macquarie university, I was full of nerves due to my lack of knowledge in accounting and the workplace environment. These nerves, however, were soon a thing of the past as I was supported and encouraged through everything I did and learnt at Camphin Boston.

Fast forward four years, and I have gained practical experience and responsibility in audit, business services, taxation and superannuation work. This knowledge has helped in the successful completion of my Bachelor’s degree and the commencement of my professional studies as a Chartered Accountant. I have progressed from being the youngest member on jobs, to now being able to train and assist the new cadets coming in and commencing their careers.

Camphin Boston is a fantastic environment for young accountants to start their careers, as many of the staff have been through the program and are willing to lend a hand and see the next generation of cadets successfully through the program.

Emily Reed Life as a Cadet Website 2019

Emily Reed


I started my cadetship at Camphin Boston in February 2019, after finishing my first year in my Bachelor of Business Bachelor of Science in IT at UTS. Despite the nerves that came with my first ever office job, on my first day at Camphin Boston these nerves were quickly replaced with feelings of excitement. Working at Camphin Boston, has not only allowed me to put into practice the theoretical knowledge I have developed at Uni, but has also motivated me in my studies—instead of just studying with the idea of getting a good grade, I now study with the perspective of how what I am learning effects real people.

One of the best things about working at Camphin Boston is their focus on training and giving us an extensive understanding and a wide variety of skills, allowing us to get a taste of every area of accounting to find where our interests lie. Despite the amazing opportunities that Camphin Boston offers job wise, working there would not be the same without the incredible people, their patience and understanding that make you feel supported and nurtured—part of the CB family.Both personally and professionally, Camphin Boston has allowed me to grow and become more confident and aware of my own abilities and has given me the opportunity and motivation to put these abilities into practice.

Lachlan Cother Wesbite 2019

Lachlan Cother


Beginning my Cadetship with Camphin Boston after spending only a semester at Macquarie University studying a Bachelor of Commerce – Professional Accounting was admittedly a very daunting experience.

Feeling highly under prepared and well out of my depth, my biggest fear was that I’d signed up for 6 months of scanning and admin work.

However realistically, it was the exact opposite of that!

Within 2 weeks I had completed my first Audit, 6 weeks my first Tax Return and 8 weeks my first phone call and client meeting.

And after just 3 months I spent a week out of office as part of an Audit Team at Client offices. Further to this I’ve been provided with opportunities to network, attend professional growth events, organise client meetings, and complete work in all aspects of the Accounting profession.

Admittedly, the initial learning curve is steep but the people around you are always willing to help and answer your questions should you get stuck.

The trust and responsibilities given to you with Camphin Boston at such an early stage In your career is what separates them from anyone else.

At the end of the day I can honestly say that their main goal is to help you succeed and be the best accountant you can be.

Whatever the question, query or issue, however complex or simple it may be, I know with certainty that I whomever I ask will be willing to set aside time to help me find an answer to it.

Not only is the culture great, the people friendly and the social events fun, Camphin Boston has truly changed me as a person and my outlook on the Accounting Profession as a whole.

It’s allowed me to not only discover the true scope of the profession but also develop a strong understanding of just how integral Accounting is to every aspect of the economy.

Whilst I’m still unsure as to where my career will take me, a cadetship at Camphin Boston has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and I could not recommend it enough!

Samantha Website 2019

Samantha Chia


When I began my cadetship at Camphin Boston as a first year university student, I was unsure as to what my new role would entail and what a typical day would look like.

However, it didn’t take long for me to discover the empowerment that comes hand-in-hand with working as a cadet. Each day is empowering in its own unique way. For instance, I am constantly presented with large opportunities that have been specifically designed to challenge, stimulate and educate me. I have found these opportunities to be extremely invaluable and unparalleled elsewhere; they have been core to my development as both a professional accountant and individual.

On the flipside, I often encounter smaller, more personal moments of empowerment. One such example is when I discover an overlap between the accounting concepts I learn at university and those which surface in the work I complete. This consequently guides my understanding of how I can apply my theoretical knowledge on a practical scale.